VM Konfigurator

Managed-Softlayer-VM (VM Konfigurator)

The DR&D offers for international contracts together with IBM SOFTLAYER respectively in Austria and Switzerland with TIMEWARP professional operation of your

Operating systems (Solaris, Linux, Windows)
Database systems (DB2, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle)

  • Web middleware (Tomcat / Apache / Websphere, IIS)

These tools (S-IMS, ITPS PRTG PlugIns) are used in huge companies such as IBM or LEICA and are constantly evolving.

Based on our expertise we have bundled our know-how and tools to a new online service, the "Managed SoftLayer VM services". 
This allows us to operate virtual servers which are securely integrated via VPN in your infrastructure, securely configured (Security, backup and monitoring) including 7 * 24 support and licenses.

As a close partner of the monitoring company Paessler we offer for their monitoring product "PRTG" our ITPS-PRTG plugins for databases and SAP.
These products can be ordered as part of our new “Managed PRTG as a service” with these advantages for you :

  • you pay only the really used sensors
  • you can terminate service monthly
  • you have access to our education plattform

  • you receive a preconfigured VM with PRTG
  • you can get 7 * 24 service